Google Earth

The presentation I made is called: Travel the World. It is a way to travel the world looking briefly at different places in seconds from different views different places with out any hassle from traveling. Especially if they are students where they cant just simply get  up and leave using google earth they can at least view it.

Using the ISTE NETS-T Standard 1. Facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity students will be able to learn that they can see the world without leaving their home. This is a safe, effective and creative way to engage students to explore the worlds culture, history, monuments as well as other things by using technology such as google earth. It can even inspire them to visit these places later in life.


Photo Montage

Winter Wonderland

 photo= 2

Technology has advance in almost anyway possible and too an accuracy sometimes its hard to figure out if everything advertised is true. It is available and easy to use where anyone can make anything  up such as this image. That is why using Standard 4, Critical Thinking, problem solving and decision making the students need to use common sense to think why and how everything they see is real or not.